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So you have a place in the yard you'd like to make more usable.  You are in a good spot. You have lots of options depending on what you want to accomplish. You can imagine that with all options open, there are some pitfalls to avoid and some benefits to be gained if you have a little experience in proper design.
Let's start with floor height. Are you thinking you want your new room (see open structures below) at the same height as your house floor? Maybe a step or two down into the room?
If you ask about the "pros and cons," I'd want to know about the roof style you want and the height of your existing house windows. I'd want to know if you have people who visit you that have trouble negotiating steps, and whether they usually enter the room from the main house or the outside.
Floor height is just one issue. Will the floor be concrete or wood, insulated or not, tile or carpet, heated or unheated? Again, you are in a good place with all options open.
If you are talking an attached pergola, patio cover, or other open structure many of the same rules apply, but floor height will be slightly lower when exposed to weather issues like snow and rain.
Work side by side with our designer to create your new Zimmer sun roomscreen roompergolapatio coversolarium, or hot tub room that blends flawlessly with your home and your lifestyle.
If you want advice on your specific project, send pictures and ideas. Seeing your space coupled with your ideas will begin a behind the scenes design process in my mind so that when you are ready to pursue your ideas we'll be on the same page. Make sense? Shoot me an email, show me the spot, tell me your ideas

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