types of patio covers

Your Guide to the Different Types of Patio Covers

New reports show homeowners spend $44 billion on repairing or replacing damaged outdoor products. Even though you can’t prevent all seasonal damage to your backyard, you can protect your patio.

But first, you must learn about the different types of patio covers and the best ones that won’t need replaced years down the road.

Read on for your guide to the various patio cover options for your home.

The Most Popular Types of Patio Covers

A patio cover, or patio roof, is often used to shade and protect people from harsh UV rays in the summer, but they’re also great for preventing rain from driving you indoors.

Patio covers also create an elegant look to patios and decks and turn a deck or patio into an extra outdoor living space.

With an aluminum patio cover, you’ll get a great-looking roof over your patio that is virtually maintenance-free and will last a lifetime!

The Santa Fe

The Santa Fe patio cover, also known as the Cool Dry patio cover because it keeps you cool and dry, has the distinctive look of a pergola with a solid panel and thermal roof for extra insulation. This is the ideal design for you if you want to add full shade while giving your home a Mediterranean touch.

The structure comprises Florentine columns and pergola beams, creating a memorable and eye-catching look that will complement your home’s features.

You can also add retractable screens during the patio cover installation to keep your patio or deck shaded when the sun in lower in the sky and for added privacy and protection from the bugs.

The St. Thomas

Another type of patio cover is The St. Thomas design, which is more minimalist and traditional. It’s constructed with a single beam and corbel design, which is held together with Florentine-style columns.

If you want to include a retractable screen, you can add this feature during installation as well.

Contemporary Patio Roof

For a classic choice, this style works great, as it’s made from two layers of aluminum which is guaranteed to keep the space cool. This is perfect if you want to stay cool and relaxed under your outdoor patio.

This cover will also protect your space from snow, as they are designed for carrying heavy weight and will last for years with the proper maintenance schedule.

Patio Covers for Sunshine and Rain

These 3 types of patio covers have unique benefits, but ultimately, you’ll want to reach out to a professional for expert advice and help to decide which will be best for your needs and outdoor space.

Our team of patio cover specialists are happy to walk you through the various options and examine what design is best. You can browse our previous projects to see our high-quality products and excellent reviews.

Contact us today to learn more about our different types of patio covers and to get an estimate today.