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3 Retractable Awning Ideas To Stay Cool This Summer

Looking for ways to stay cool and keep you and your family safe from the hot summer sun? According to Weather Network, Fort Wayne, South Bend and the surrounding areas often have a high UV rate. The higher the UV rate, the more potential there is for sunburn, skin damage, and even damage to your eyes.

It’s recommended that we avoid being out in the sun between the hours of 11 am to 3 pm on days when the UV Index Score is at its highest.

Staying indoors doesn’t sound like summer fun though! Most of us enjoy spending time outside in our gardens or lake home properties. So, how can we enjoy being outside while still taking the necessary sun precautions?

One solution, invest in a retractable awning. Retractable patio awnings give you the flexibility to enjoy the sun and shade from the comfort of your own property. Check out these top three retractable awning ideas for your home this summer.

1. Customized Awnings

A customized awning will provide shade that seamlessly merges into your home’s design and works well in landscaped gardens. With a specialist awning company, like W.A. Zimmer Company,  you’ll be able to choose from 150 different styles and colors of retractable shade awnings so you can find one that matches your home’s unique style.

You might be interested in traditional seaside stripes or bold solid colors. Also, designers are spotting an increase in eye-catching patterns as Americans invest in their exterior living spaces.

In your outdoor living space, you may have a grill and dining zone. If so, a retractable awning, such as The Sunstyle, is a fantastic addition. It projects to 11’6″ and covers a width of 40′ so you can cover whatever size deck or patio you need!

Team it with a mechanical device for the ultimate design and convenience.

2. Oversized Retractable Patio Awning

The average size of an American swimming pool is 15′ by 30′ wide. An oversized awning is 14’8″ by 40′. It’s an ideal option for sun protection while in or around the pool. Open the awning when you want shade, retract it when you don’t. All at the push of a button!

The Sunesta awning is available in four frame colors and is make with highly-durable fabric so it won’t fade or mildew unlike some vinyl or polyester fabrics fade that haven’t been coated for protection.

3. Narrow Retractable Awnings

The Sunlight is a great retractable awning for the deck. It’s wind-resistant and has a smart arm folding system for optimum stability. It covers widths up to 24′ with a projection of up to 10′ making it one of the best options for narrow decking or patio spaces.

The Sunlight is one of the most popular and affordable retractable patio awnings. You can add optional features such as wireless motor contorl which will allow you to alter its coverage with the touch of a button.

Purchase a Retractable Awning for Comfort, Protection, and Style

A patio awning is a luxurious accompaniment to your outdoor living space. From landscaped garden areas to deck, patios, or swimming pools, it will create a temporary shaded haven on your property. So, you can continue to enjoy being outside and hosting gatherings for your loved ones even when the sun is at it’s hottest!

We want to help you create the perfect outdoor entertaining space. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with on of our retractable awning specialists serving Fort Wayne, Huntington, Warsaw, and the surrounding areas.