There is nothing so lovely as sitting out on your patio on a summer evening. Maybe your family gathers for dinner or you have friends or neighbors over for a summer cocktail. The slow pace of gathering and relaxing make patio season one to be cherished.

So when summer turns to fall, it can be a bummer to let go of those hours spent enjoying your outdoor space. But why should you? Read on to learn about some things you can do to extend the patio season into the cooler weather months.

Go Under Cover with a Pergola or Patio Cover

You may be thinking, how will my pergola or patio cover keep me warmer? Pergolas and patio covers help to create a more enclosed space. Hang curtains or retractable screens to block those cooler breezes. They can open and close depending on how much protection from the elements you need.

Add Some Heat

Imagine how much more you can use your outdoor space if you can add a little warmth to it. What better way to do that than with an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or patio heater. Either propane or electricity can run these. They can warm your space as needed to extend the time you can use your outdoor space.

Layer with Warming Accessories

You can also prep your patio for cooler temps by adding some cool weather accessories.

Fall comes rolling in and your summer pots of flowers wither. Make your patio a space you want to keep coming out to by transitioning summer flowers to fall decor. Decorate with pumpkins and mums.

You might add more plush cushions to your outdoor furniture. Add a big basket of throws and soft blankets. What better way to spend an evening than curled up on the patio, wrapped in a blanket?

As the season changes and you lose sunlight, you can also consider adding outdoor lighting and candles for both light and subtle warmth.

Use Your Patio Beyond The Warm Summer Months

Why give up on your favorite outdoor space just because summer is coming to a close. Add some curtains to your pergola, turn up the heat, and continue enjoying your outdoor living.

Interested in extending your patio space or adding an outdoor pergola or fireplace? Now is the best time to buy for off-season pricing! Contact us today and we can help you make the most of your outdoor space.