Are you ready to buy patio furniture to make the most of your outdoor space? Patio furniture can be particularly tricky to purchase. Sure, it has to be able to stand up to the elements, but there are a lot of other functionalities it needs to have as well. If it’s time for you to add new patio furniture to your to-do list, keep reading. We’re going to give you a rundown of the top 5 things you need to know about buying patio furniture.

1. Mobility

If you like to lay out on lounge chairs, make sure to purchase ones that aren’t too heavy or difficult to move. As the sun moves across the sky, you want to be able to follow its rays to get the best sunbathing experience possible, right? Wheels are a nice stable to these outdoor must-haves. If you’re not interested in moving your lounge chair around to follow the sun, stationary lounge chairs are just fine too. Look into ones that shift and change positions so you get the most comfort out of them.

2. Cushions

Whether or not to include cushions on your patio furniture is a debated topic. Back before the days of outdoor fabric and quick-dry foam, cushions on patio furniture would quickly get moldy or become a home to a number of critters. But outdoor fabrics are becoming more sophisticated as time goes on and they’re actually pretty good at holding up against the weather. So if you like the look and feel of a cushion, just make sure you pick one that was meant to be used outside.

3. Conversational Piece

Keep in mind the mood you’re trying to get across with your outdoor seating area. Try to balance comfort and scale. Because outdoor furniture is already pretty bulky, why not strike up a conversation with a comfortable outdoor sofa?

4. Don’t Be Matchy-Matchy

There’s nothing wrong with a seating arrangement that matches if that’s your thing. But consider throwing in a table with metal or glass framing if your seating furniture is made from wood to mix things up a bit.

5. Weather Friendly

Do you live in a place where the weather is hot and dry? Or do you live somewhere near the water? How often does it rain? You need to know all the answers to these questions before you can pick patio furniture for your space. Hot and dry weather will make some wood crack and splinter. And if your wind is strong enough, aluminum-framed furniture isn’t going to sit still for very long. Wicker can’t handle moisture for long periods of time either.

Rattan is another wonderful option. It’s less expensive than wood while maintaining a comparable level of durability. It’s a perfect addition to an outdoor sitting area or a sunroom, but you should bring it inside at the end of the season to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Your weather matters, so plan accordingly.

Buying Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is meant to be a fun, outdoor seating area where you can enjoy the weather and catch up with your family and friends. Buying patio furniture shouldn’t be a hassle. Don’t be afraid to try something new and start a conversation!

If you have any questions about buying patio furniture, or if you’re interested in learning more about sunrooms, visit us today!