Sunrooms are a great addition to your home. Not only do they expand your living space, but they also create a space that extends into the outdoors. They give you a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the outdoors in both the summer and colder months. In fact, you can extend the outdoor season by installing a sunroom on your home. How? Keep reading to learn more about sunrooms and how they benefit your home.

What Is a Sunroom?

Sunrooms are an addition to your home that allows you to enjoy the outdoors without actually being outside. How? Because these rooms are covered in large windows that let in the natural sunlight. While this room is still attached to your house, the windows and doors make it feel as though you’re outside. You can use this room as a place to entertain guests, a separate room for your children to play in, a location for an indoor hot tub, or a quiet spot for you to read or watch the outdoors. If you aren’t familiar with the term sunroom, you may have heard people call these rooms solariums, sun porches, patio rooms, or garden rooms. Sunrooms aren’t a one-size-fits-all option. You want your sunroom custom designed for the layout and style of your home as well as what you’ll use it for.

How Does a Sunroom Help You Enjoy the Outdoors All Year Round?

A sunroom lets you be surrounded with the outdoors without having to be outside. So you still get all the beautiful scenery without having to put up with things like wind, cold, rain, or snow. If you choose to include windows in your sunroom, the screens will prevent any bugs from getting in with the fresh air. When the weather starts getting colder, you can extend the outdoor season by moving from the outdoors into your sunroom instead. You’ll still get a season of the outdoors but protected from the elements.

How to Keep Your Sunroom Warm in the Winter

When it comes to sunrooms, you have two choices. You can either get a sunroom designed for the warmer months or you can set up a sunroom you can enjoy for the entire year. For some people, they only want to use their sunroom during the summer. In the winter, they close their sunroom off. But people who do this are potentially missing a big part of their sunroom. There’s nothing better than watching the snow fall from the comfort of your sunroom. The problem in the winter is the temperature. Because sunrooms are designed for summer months, it can be difficult to keep the warmth from leaking out of your sunroom. So if you choose to use your sunroom all year around, make sure you tell your designer. They’ll be able to install the proper insulation that’ll keep it comfortable even during the winter.

Adding a Sunroom to Your Home

If you enjoy spending time in the outdoors, installing a sunroom on your home will let you extend the outdoor season. Interested in adding a sunroom to your house? Contact the Huntington & Fort Wayne sunroom company that people have trusted for over 40 years — W.A. Zimmer Company.