how to use pergola in winter

5 Tips for Using Your Pergola in the Winter

Pergolas are picture-perfect! In the spring and summer, they are terrific places to gather, entertain friends, relax, and enjoy our outdoor space.

In the winter, your pergola can be harder to enjoy, but you can still make the most out of it. The key is to look at a few popular pergola options and ideas during the winter to warm up your space so you can continue enjoying it in the winter.

How can you keep your pergola safe from the elements? What should you do to make your pergola more inviting in the colder months? We answer these questions so you can enjoy your backyard like never before. Here are five pergola ideas for winter.

1. Add Retractable Shade Screens

You can enclose your pergola by installing retractable shade screens that can make your pergola more private and block some of the elements. Adding retractable shades to the open sides of your pergola, block out the sun in the warmer months, but in the winter can be used to turn your pergola into a room to help keep out some of the wind and snow.

Pair them with heavy outdoor curtains to block even more wind and help keep the warm air inside your space.

2. Install New Lights

Lights can make it easier to enjoy your pergola after the sun sets. If you want a festive aesthetic, you can hang fairy lights or lanterns from the ceiling. Try to find LEDs so you don’t spend too much money on electricity.

To create a truly festive atmosphere, hang Christmas lights in and around your pergola for extra holiday cheer!

3. Buy Winterized Outdoor Furniture

If you don’t have all-weather furniture, you should get it now. It is okay to sit on your current furniture, but it can become very cold and stiff during the winter season.

Get chairs and benches so your guests have multiple seating options. Place a table in the center of your pergola so you have a gathering place for games and meals.

4. Create a Heat Source

How do you keep your pergola warm in winter? Some people like to build an outdoor fireplace near their pergola so they have a source of heat. If you have the money to order a fireplace and enough space in your pergola to install one, this will make entertaining in your pergola even more enjoyable. You could also opt for outdoor patio heaters hanging from the ceiling or standalone. Just be sure to keep them away from anything flammable!

5. Get Cozy

Now that we have our retractable screens installed, our patio furniture, lights, and heat, it’s time to grab a blanket, some hot chocolate, and get cozy! Invite some family or friends over for an evening game night or dinner. Or simply relax in nature at the end of a long day.

Making Your Pergola Winter-Ready

Who says you have to spend winter indoors? A few simple changes can make your pergola winter-ready!

If you don’t yet have a pergola, don’t wait until spring when installers are busy, contact us today to start enjoying your pergola even in cooler weather!

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