Do you love stretching out on a lawn chair and soaking up the good vibes your own backyard has to offer? You’re not alone! 73% of people have claimed that spending time outside has been therapeutic for them, and if you’ve got a patio you should be feeling that benefit at home.

Unfortunately, a too hot beating sun can ruin those good times outdoors. And as winter rolls around you may be finding your patio less and less useful. It may be time to start thinking about sunrooms and patio covers to spruce up your outdoor space and make it more useable.

1. Mediterranean Beauty With Pergolas

pergola is a partially shaded lattice roof that you can add to patios and decks for a little relief from the sun while still getting to enjoy the sky above you. Pergolas bring to mind historical Italian gardens full of beautiful plants and a life of luxury.

You can add some more shade to your pergola by installing an operable pergola with a top that opens and closes, or you can trust in the 75% shaded cover that it already offers.

2. Adaptable Comfort With Retractable Awnings

Some days you may want shade and other days you may want the full effect of the sun beaming down on your patio or outdoor space. With a retractable awning, you can change your mind every day to fit your mood.

While most companies only offer a select number of retractable awning sizes, we’ll work with you to make the custom awning that perfectly fits your space. You’ll also get to choose the best fabric option that fits your personal design choices.

3. Bring the Outside Inside With a Sunroom

There are lots of things to love about spending time outdoors, but there are also plenty of things to dread. No one likes pesky summer bug bites or too hot days when you can’t be comfortable outside.

Plus, patios can only be used for about half the year. The other half, you’ll be staring out your window longing for warmer days.

Why not avoid that disappointment with a sunroom? A sunroom addition is a perfect way to enjoy outdoor views year-round in total comfort.

You can even install floor-to-ceiling sunroom windows that open up to the world entirely. This way it will function both as a room in your house and as a patio.

4. Patio Furniture You Love

Whether you’re looking for sunroom furniture or patio furniture, you’ll need something durable that can withstand constant sun exposure and even wind and rain.

A classic choice is rattan furniture. It never goes out of style, and you can change the cushions as your personal taste changes. One year you can have a Mediterranean theme in your backyard with intricate patterns, and the next year you can have something more understated with a solid color.

Your Best Outdoor Space

With the right shade from the sun or a new addition to your house, you can bask in all the calming and relaxing qualities an outdoor space has to offer. Consider the aesthetic you like so that you can find the best outdoor living idea for you.

Need some help picking out the right update to your home? Contact us today for help going through the options!