patio roof

The nights are getting longer, the breeze is getting warmer- it can only mean one thing. Spring is almost here! Imagine, hanging out on your deck or patio with family & friends, firing up the grill during the day, and then the fire pit at night. You’ll be able to enjoy lounging in your outdoor space very soon.

Check out our top tips for getting your outdoor living space ready for the good weather to come. Start your preparations early and you’ll get to enjoy more time relaxing in your favorite spot.

Maintain Your Space

Outdoor spaces are neglected during the winter months so the first thing you’ll want to do is a little cleanup.

Start by checking your plants. Take out pesky weeds, prune overgrowths, and conduct a plant health check to ensure your shrubbery is in good condition. You’ll then have a clear idea of what plants you need this year and the colors that will bring the spark back to your garden.

Next, clean your hardscapes. This includes patios, walls, and paving stones. Once they’re scrubbed up, you’ll be able to plan your entertainment spaces for the year, set out furniture, and get your barbeque area ready.

Add Shade With Patio Covers and Pergolas

Bring the indoors out with a custom patio cover that adds shade and privacy to your home. Patio covers come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find a style you love.

Whether it’s a contemporary solid cover or a picture-perfect pergola you’ll have a secluded spot to retreat to at the end of a long day. And you’ll be protected from harmful UV rays, which are pretty powerful on an Indiana spring day.

For even more privacy, add some shade screens. Motorized shade screens keep light out, shade your space, and add extra privacy to your pergola or patio cover.

Accentuate With Lighting and Decor

Set the mood for your patios, pergolas, and terraces with thoughtful finishing touches. Add personality using candles and outdoor rugs. And layer chunky throws on top of traditional rattan furniture to create inviting sitting areas, perfect for colder evenings.

If you use your outdoor spaces after the sun goes down, brighten your yard with solar lights. The lights can be added to fences and pavements to keep walkways visible or hung from the top of your pergola to light up social areas.

Welcome the Warm Weather Into Your Outdoor Space With These Tips

A beautifully designed outdoor space is one you’ll cherish forever. Whether it’s hosting friends and family for a barbeque or relaxing with a glass of wine on your patio at the end of the day, you’ll always remember the memories you create in your backyard.

At W.A Zimmer, we can help your outdoor space ideas become a reality. If this post has left you feeling inspired, take our showroom tour or visit us in-store to view all of our outdoor products to shade and beautify your outdoor space.