best patio covers for bad weather

The Best Patio Covers for Any Type of Weather

Having a patio is a great spot for relaxing or entertaining family and friends, but when the weather turns ugly, it’s time to pack it in and head for cover!

If you had a covered patio, you wouldn’t have to head inside during a pop-up summer shower or during the heat of the day. With the right patio covering, you can be outside and close to nature, even if it’s blazing hot or drizzling rain.

Putting a weatherproof patio roof over your patio transforms it into a useful space that isn’t reliant on good weather.

Need ideas? Here are some of the best patio covers you can consider.

Patio Covers To Suit Your Lifestyle

To choose what type of patio cover to invest in, consider whether you’d like something permanent or retractable. Think about how much shade you want, and if you’d like the patio cover to offer any temperature control.

Investing in a good-quality outdoor patio cover gives you peace of mind and protects your furniture as well. Unlike wood patio covers, choose a patio cover that won’t deteriorate, rot, or suffer premature damage from the elements.

Manual or Motorized Awnings

As one of the most economical choices for a patio cover, a retractable awning offers shade and versatility. If you want warm sunshine, simply retract it. Need a little shade, open it up! With manual and motorized options available, an awning is a no-fuss shade option that can be sized and shaped to fit almost any space.

With a range of colors to choose from, you can match your awning to your patio styling. Awning fabric is treated to be mold and mildew resistant, and you can clean them with a simple wipe. The treatment also protects them from sun damage.

Solid Roof-Style Patio Covers

For a truly weather-proof solid patio cover, you can’t beat a solid roof. A solid roof over your patio means you can relax outside even in the middle of a downpour. A patio roof takes away the need for patio furniture covers and will protect your patio furniture from sun exposure and rain.

W.A. Zimmer uses Temo patio roofs made from two layers of aluminum with a thick layer of insulation in between. Solid roof patio covers will keep you cool even when the temperatures soar. The aluminum patio covers are weather resistant and won’t take a beating from the elements the way some other patio roof materials do.

Pretty and Practical Pergolas

Pergolas usually offer semi-shade solutions that are beautiful to look at. Some come with motorized louvers (operable pergolas) that can close at the touch of a button, blocking out the elements. Pergolas are versatile and can be built anywhere — either attached to your home or freestanding in your yard, garden, or over a pool deck. Pergolas make great patio coverings, blocking out UV rays but still allowing you to feel immersed in nature.

Patio Covers Add Value

In the hot summer months, with the soaring temperatures and blazing sunshine, a covered, outdoor, space is a haven that offers a family a place to hang out that will keep them cool. In the cooler months, they offer protection from the elements and a nice outdoor space to cozy up in.  Adding patio covers improves the quality of your life year-round

If you’re ready to reclaim your outdoor space, contact us today. One of our contractors will stop by to measure, discuss, and provide you with a no-obligation quote for your best patio cover solution.