best types of sunrooms

The Best Types of Sunrooms for Your Home

Fall is the perfect time to renovate your home. And, what better renovation to put in than a sunroom? Sunrooms add light and life to your house and make it easy to get your daily dose of vitamin D. And, they let you relax and unwind in nature even when the weather is less than stellar. Plus, they give you added space for the holidays!

If you’re interested in getting a sunroom on your home, check out these sunroom ideas are for you! We’ve put together a list of the best sunrooms for you to add to your home this year.

Screen Rooms

Screen rooms are some of the least expensive sunrooms that you can add to your home. That’s because you can actually simply enclose a current patio or porch with screens to create a sunroom you can enjoy.

One advantage of this type of room is that it lets the fresh air into the home while keeping the bugs at bay. This makes it the perfect place for relaxing during the hot summer season.

Three Season Sunrooms

One of the most popular types of sunrooms is a three-season room. These rooms are a great option if you want to get outdoors without leaving your home.

Three-season sunrooms aren’t used year-round. That means that they’re a little bit more affordable than some other types of sunrooms out there. You can use it during the spring, summer, and fall, until the weather gets too cold.

A great option for homeowners who want an affordable sunroom to transform their homes.


For people who just want to feel as if they’re outdoors, a solarium is a perfect option for you. These sunrooms are enclosed by both a glass ceiling and glass walls, meaning that you can see your entire property, including the stars at night!

You can choose cozy sunroom decor and sunroom furniture that gives you maximum comfort while you enjoy the outdoors.

Build Sunrooms That Light up Your Home

With these stunning sunrooms, you’ll be prepared to add a remodel to your home that you’ll love. Choosing one of these ideas can help you build a space that you’ll love relaxing and unwinding in.

If you’re ready to start your sunroom buildout, give the team at W.A. Zimmer a call. We’ll help you choose the best type of sunroom for your home!