If you have a pergola or patio cover, the thought of closing it up for the winter may be hard. You’ve enjoyed sitting outside in your new patio space and aren’t ready to head in now that the weather is getting chilly.

Your patio is an amazing space to help you get out in nature and relax a little. There’s no reason you should have to pack it up for three to six months out of the year. Luckily, with these tips, you don’t have to!

Here are five products that will help you to continue enjoying your pergola or patio cover even in winter.

1. Fire Pit

The number one must-have item necessary to make the most out of your patio all year long is a patio-safe fire pit.

Sitting in front of a fire is even good for your health. Studies show it creates a trance-like effect that lowers blood pressure. The longer you stay, the better the benefits.

Look for one that’s small enough to comfortably fit in your space so you feel safe lighting it close to your home. You may even consider a small wood rack and tinder basket where you can keep wood at the ready for those chilly winter evenings.

When they’re well maintained and carefully managed, fire pits are a safe, soothing way to enjoy your patio in the winter. Nothing takes out the chill like a warm crackling fire, so bring it to your patio to enjoy all winter long.

2. Patio Heater

Whether you want a fire pit, or you’d rather dodge the safety risk, you’ll love having an outdoor patio heater to make your space cozy.

Most of these heaters run on propane fuel, but you can get an electric one too. The point is to make your space as warm and cozy as possible.

If you have an operable pergola, close the adjustable roof to help keep some of the heat from escaping through the top.

3. Patio Pillow and Blanket Chest

You can’t have a cozy space without blankets and pillows! But leaving these pieces outside on your patio usually means they’re halfway frozen by the time you want to use them.

You can get around that by storing a decorative, weatherproof chest either on your patio or just inside your door. This way, whenever you want to sit outside, you can grab your favorite pillows and blankets and enjoy the night!

4. Lighting

There are a lot of perks about sitting outside during winter. For starters, no bugs!

Even so, it does get dark earlier so make sure you have decorative, weather-resistant lighting options that will help you enjoy your space.

Consider fairy lights or even lanterns. You want just enough light to be able to see comfortably, but you also want to set the mood.

5. Shade Screens

If you think that shade screens are only good to shade your patio, think again! Shade screens are great for adding privacy and enclosing your space. Bringing down the shades on a pergola will help to keep cold breezes out and warmer air in, especially if you’re using a patio heater.

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These Winter Patio Products Will Help You Enjoy Your Patio All Year Round

Just because the days are shorter and the nights are longer doesn’t mean you have to give up your patio. These winter patio furniture ideas will help you enjoy your patio all year long, no matter the weather.

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