transform outdoor space with pergola

A pergola is nothing new. The word comes from the Latin word “pergula” which means “projecting eave.” During the 1640s, pergolas were extended roofs and arbors used to provide shade to outdoor spaces.

Today, they remain a beautiful and functional addition to any backyard. Read on to learn how a backyard pergola can transform your outdoor area.

Give Yourself Privacy and Seclusion

One of the best things about a pergola is that they create a separate area in your yard. It creates a sense of privacy in an otherwise open area. You can use curtains, shade screens, or climbing plants to create an outdoor oasis that feels remote and secluded.

A pergola will give you a spot to have drinks with friends in the evening or afternoon tea along with a good book.

You’ll feel like you are on a mini vacation when you make use of a backyard pergola.

Enjoy the Comfort of the Outdoors

A patio exposed to the scorching sun isn’t very appealing on its own. But adding a pergola casts a decent amount of shade onto your patio or deck cutting back on the intense heat and sun.

Comfy patio furniture, a garden, or even an outdoor kitchen are all enhanced with an outdoor pergola. Or you could add bench gliders for a relaxing place to swing and enjoy the sounds and smells of outdoors.

Hammocks are another perfect accessory under a backyard pergola and a perfect spot to relax.

A Break from the Pool

Pergolas next to a pool are a great way to add a little space to lounge and get away from the intense sun between laps or games fo pool volleyball.

They create the perfect outdoor living space when you’ve had enough sun.

Create Extra Space for Plants

If you love to surround yourself with nature’s beautiful flora, a pergola is a must-have for your garden.

You will get a lot of additional garden space by adding in a backyard pergola. Hanging plants from the boards will perfume the air and provide a colorful upward view.

Climbing vines like ivy, wisteria, grapes, clematis, and honeysuckle will wind through the boards and create a living privacy barrier that is beautiful and functional.

Extending your pergola over a garden path surrounded by flowers adds an interesting feature to your landscape.

Final Thoughts on Backyard Pergolas

A backyard pergola is a wonderful addition to any yard. It can make large yards cozier and small yards more private. No matter the design, a pergola will create an inviting outdoor living space for you, your family, and friends to enjoy.

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