patio shade ideas

“Summer loving happened so fast.”

Sunburn also happens fast in the heat of summer, too. It starts out with a warm feeling and sun-kissed glow and turns into stinging skin. It can be difficult when you want to enjoy your outside patio area but just can’t stand the intensity of the sun. This is where the magic of a good patio shade comes into play.

Below are 5 patio shade ideas for your upcoming summer enjoyment. Make sure you check them out to avoid going through endless bottles of aloe.

1. Stay on Your Terms

We all have those days where all we crave is the bright summer sunlight. Other days, we want to be outside but away from the harsh UV radiation. Do you wish you could have a balance?

Wish no more because retractable awnings are your new friend for the summer. Whether you keep it manual or take it a step further by adding a motor, a retractable awning you can open when you want shade and retract when you don’t allows you to customize your backyard shade experience.

Retractable awnings are key to the dream outdoor setting!

2. Keep It Natural

The most eco-friendly patio shade is one of Mother Nature’s own trees. Large oak trees can be your natural solution to extra shade in the backyard. Before you cut down these friendly giants, consider building your backyard space around a tree. Create a wooden porch circling the trunk and place cozy outdoor sofas under the branches.

If you want some light to seep through as you enjoy some fresh lemonade, hire professionals to trim the tree for you.

3. Comfort in a Cover

It’s a bright sunny morning, and you’ve just made your eggs and toast for breakfast. You look outside and it’s nearly blinding. The morning would be perfect with an outside breakfast, but you aren’t looking to sweat into your toast.

Luckily, you can install a patio cover to fulfill your patio shade dreams. A patio cover places a roof over your deck or patio turning it into your own outdoor room. Not only can they shade a sitting area, but they can provide shelter if a little rain pops into the forecast.

4. Make Room

If you really want to take your summer to the next level, invest in building a sunroom. This amazing addition to your house will provide a comfortable space to curl up with a book while being surrounded by natural light without the hassle of applying sunscreen.

A sunroom is also great for the winter time because you can enjoy the natural sunlight with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

5. Pretty with a Pergola

A pergola is a standing structure that includes columns and open beams at the top. Pergolas offer partial shade to your deck or patio while beautifying your outdoor space. Adding a retractable screen adds even more shade as well as a little privacy.

To add an extra touch to your pergola, run vines up the columns and across the beams. The greenery will impress any dinner guest and will give you a cozy place to unwind or entertain.

Top Patio Shade Ideas

If you’re looking for an appealing way to create coverage for your backyard area, make sure to check out the patio shade ideas above! They are sure ways to avoid sunburn while also creating an oasis in your backyard.

Whether it’s a pergola or a sunroom, shade doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. You’ll be thanking yourself this summer after making the investment.

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