pergola decorating ideas

Your pergola transforms the look of your backyard and keeps you cool in the summer. They make a great place to relax and entertain. Get your outdoor space ready for summer by adding your own personal touch with these our 5 favorite pergola decorating ideas that you have to try!

1. Create a Room

Your pergola can be the perfect transition from your home to your garden. Create a beautiful room outside with the use of motorized shade screens. Motorized screens can help enclose the pergola making it feel like more of a room. It will also help keep direct sunlight and bugs at bay.

2. Nature

Is your garden a paradise of vibrant plants? If so, it doesn’t have to stop at your pergola. Integrate flowering vines and train them to climb your pergola. They will decorate it with a natural feel that ties into your garden an add that pop of color and interest. The vines will provide shade from the sun, and can emphasize the shape of your structure. Natural greenery can also soften up a structure and help it blend into the overarching garden design.

3. Cloth

Cloth elements can enhance any look and add a bit of luxury. Cloth isn’t something to be afraid of, there are fabrics you can choose that are safe outside. Add a few cushions and pads to your seating to bring the inside out.

You can also add drapes to the pergola beams. Not only does this add a modern flair when tied back but you can draw them to keep the sun at bay or add privacy. They are easy to move and are versatile. You can also replace them with ease to change up the look.

4. Hanging Lights

Adding lighting to your pergola gives both practical and aesthetic benefits. Lanterns will allow you to enjoy your pergola 24/7 and show off your home. But they don’t only add to your pergola at night.

Lampshades provide a dash of color all throughout the day. They also add a dash of color to your garden during the winter months. For added interest, candle lanterns will create flickering lights that provide greater ambiance.

5. Swings

If you’re looking for something a bit more extravagant to add some wow factor, consider a swing set.

You can keep young visitors entertained while keeping the visual appeal of a pergola. But they aren’t only for the young, a stylish, modern loveseat style is perfect for romantic evenings watching the sunset.

Set aside an area of your pergola for it so the rest can still be relaxing and used for entertainment. A swing can add some a fun focal point and bring the enjoyment of your pergola to all ages.

Stunning Pergola Decorating Ideas

Any of these pergola decorating ideas will revitalize your space. Whether you want to totally transform the utility of your pergola or just give the design a bit of a refresh, pergolas are versatile enough to make almost any decoration work.

If you are looking to upgrade your space, contact us today. One of our designers will come out, take a look at your area, and help you find the perfect way to enhance your space.