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Here's what other people say about their concrete patio before we start their project:
  1. It's too hot. We can't go outside during the day.
  2. It's too buggy, we can't go outside at night.
  3. It has some cracks, not sure why.
  4. It has a lot of slope, will a room work on it now.
  5. It came with the house. We don't know if it has a footer.
Anything sound familiar? Concrete patios seem like a really good idea for outdoor space, but the Indiana climate limits the time for enjoying an exposed patio to a couple weeks in the spring and another few in the fall.
Concrete exposed to the weather 24/7 takes a lot of harsh weather. Expansion and contraction of the ground takes its toll on a slab without a footer and cracking is common. Slabs with a lot of slope were intended to always be outdoors and the slope was intended to keep rain from standing on the slab.
You may have a slab or patio that has been recently poured or an old chunk of concrete that came with your house. Either way, we need to know the structural integrity of the footing to make sure it is safe and sound. We'll need to probe the slab for footers or add footers as part of the project.
Depending on your location, many municipalities require an inspection of concrete being used as the base for a new structure. It's common sense, we wouldn't build on a slab we're not sure about. Often we can add a footer around the perimeter of an existing slab and blend the two together.
At this point we're looking at the existing structure. Once you tell us what you are considering for a project we can tell you more about how to handle the base.
Insulated patio covers, retractable awnings, pergolas, patio covers and our new Santa Fe roof style are a few of the open air options. With an attached pergola, pavilion, or other open structure you'll gain protection from the sun, a gentle rain, and birds flying directly overhead. Obviously the bugs and windblown rain and snow will still have an effect on your usage. Still, we can design a roof to be phase one, with a wall system planned for later. This gives you a step-by-step approach to defer costs but get some quick benefit too.
Work side by side with our designer to create your new Zimmer sun roomscreen roompergolapatio coversolarium, or outdoor paradise that blends flawlessly with your home and your lifestyle.
If you want advice on your specific project, send pictures and ideas. Seeing your space coupled with your ideas will begin a behind the scenes design process in my mind so that when you are ready to pursue your ideas I can be up to speed. Make sense? Shoot me an email, show me the spot, tell me your ideas.

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