stress reliefThey say heart attacks are the number one killer. But what causes heart attacks? Why do some people live to be 100 and others don’t make it half way around the track?

For those who remember the days when television, computers and the iPhones didn’t permeate every minute of the day, you can also remember a simpler time when every headline wasn’t built to rattle your skin.

Grandpa and Grandma rocked on the porch (in rocking chairs, not music) with their knowing smile, the kids played in the yard with a stick and a ball, while the news was something you might catch at 6:00, delivered by Walter Cronkite in a soothing matter-of-fact way that didn’t include his personal reasons why you should be freaked out about something going on halfway around the world. Walter’s news was straddled by commercials from Campbell’s Soup and Prell shampoo, not Viagra and Prilosec.

So stress is a choice. You can endorse it and let someone else program your life, or you can simply flip a switch and determine your own level of stress. Get your own darn porch, have your own knowing smile, and rock (your choice) away ’til your heart’s content, not stressed.

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