Wood Pergolas vs. Aluminum PergolasDo you have a wood pergola? Are you tired of sanding and painting or staining it?

We hear from folks all the time who have wood pergolas and appreciate the beauty and relaxation associated with an outdoor paradise but are tired of the constant maintenance and care of their cedar wood (or vinyl) pergolas.

Wood Pergolas have a lot of different surfaces to sand and paint or stain, and vinyl pergolas have a lot of structural issues to deal with. And, while it may be cheaper up front to build a wood pergola, the cost and time to maintain it can add up.

If you’re tired of your vinyl or wood pergola maintenance, you’ll love our aluminum pergola with a lifetime, electrostatic finish on structural aluminum beams engineered for every installation. We’ve been using aluminum for 40 years and this is the best finish ever!

With an aluminum pergola, there’s no maintenance! No sanding. No staining or painting. No warping. So if you want to get away from the maintenance of wood, or avoid the pitting and sagging of a vinyl pergola, visit our showroom to check the difference a quality aluminum pergola can make.